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A Prototyping Method to Simulate Wearable Augmented Reality Interaction in a Virtual Environment - A Pilot Study

Günter Alce, Klas Hermodsson, Mattias Wallergård, Lars Thern, Tarik Hadzovic

Young Adults' Experience of Mobile Device Disruption of Proximate Relationships

Catherine Chambliss, Emily Short, Joshua Hopkins-DeSantis, Heather Putnam, Brittany Martin, Megan Millington Allison Frymoyer, Gena Rodriguez, Lacey Evangelista, James Newman, Amy Hartl, Jennifer Lee

Examining Dynamic Control-Display Gain Adjustments to Assist Mouse-Based Pointing for Youths with Cerebral Palsy

Amur Al Manji, Claire Davies, Robert Amor

I Will Continue to Use This Nonetheless: Social Media Survive Users' Privacy Concerns

Yohko Orito, Yasunori Fukuta, Kiyoshi Murata

Smart Banking: User Characteristics and Their Effects on the Usage of Emerging Banking Applications

Carsten Röcker, Daniel Kaulen

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