Volume 2 - 2014

E is for Everyone: The Role of Stakeholders in Participatory Design and Game Studies

Victoria McArthur
Publication date: February 2014
Page(s): 1-7
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.001

Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Psychotherapy for Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Feasibility Study

Catherine Chambliss, April Kontostathis
Publication date: February 2014
Page(s): 8-17
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.002

A New Flexible Augmented Reality Platform for Development of Maintenance and Educational Applications

Héctor Martínez, Seppo Laukkanen, Jouni Mattila
Publication date: March 2014
Page(s): 18-27
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.003

"Like a Family Member Who Takes Care of Me" Users' Anthropomorphic Representations and Trustworthiness of Smart Home Environments

Oliver Sack, Carsten Röcker
Publication date: March 2014
Page(s): 28-36
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.004

Let's Kinect to Increase Balance and Coordination of Older People: Pilot Testing of a Balloon Catching Game

T. Claire Davies, Thomas Vinumon, Lynne Taylor, John Parsons
Publication date: March 2014
Page(s): 37-46
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.005

UX-Log: Understanding Website Usability through Recreating Users' Experiences in Logfiles

T. Chris Menezes, Blair Nonnecke
Publication date: May 2014
Page(s): 47-56
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.006

Architectural Innovations for Distance Learning

Paul Edward Boyd Gruhn
Publication date: February 2014 (formerly published in IJELE)
Page(s): 57-72
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.007

Capstone Courses: Student Learning Outcomes Indicate Value of Online Learning in Pilot Study

Tami S. Carmichael, Jeffrey S. Carmichael, Rebecca Leber-Gottberg
Publication date: May 2014 (formerly published in IJELE)
Page(s): 73-82
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.008

Smart Banking: User Characteristics and Their Effects on the Usage of Emerging Banking Applications

Carsten Röcker, Daniel Kaulen
Publication date: April 2014 (formly published in AEC)
Page(s): 83-91
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.009

I Will Continue to Use This Nonetheless: Social Media Survive Users' Privacy Concerns

Yohko Orito, Yasunori Fukuta, Kiyoshi Murata
Publication date: December 2014
Page(s): 92-107
DOI: 10.11159/vwhci.2014.010